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Fall & Oats


Who is ready for the warm summer sun to fade into crisp fall days? We certainly are, and we are prepared to welcome the cooler temperatures with our remarkable “FALL AND OATS” cookie treat. Flavors of autumn pumpkin cuddle with toasted cinnamon pecans, while silky white chocolate and rugged oats complement the warmth of this cookie goodness. Each is topped with swirls of creamy, moonshine frosting infused with a bounty of fall flavors. You don’t have to be a “RICH GIRL” or a “MANEATER” to share this cookie with whoever’s “KISS IS ON YOUR LIST”… Whether you are looking for the perfect treat for tailgating, group gathering or maybe you just want to snuggle up with a unique cookie on a lazy fall afternoon…We make the “FALL AND OATS” cookie for all occasions. Try one soon because just like the beautiful fall foliage, they will not be around forever, but are available now on our delicious fall menu.

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