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Fall & Oats


Pumpkin | Pecan | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend


Who is ready for the warm summer sun to fade into crisp fall days? We certainly are, and we are prepared to welcome the cooler temperatures with our remarkable “FALL AND OATS” cookie treat. Flavors of autumn pumpkin cuddle with toasted cinnamon pecans, while silky white chocolate and rugged oats complement the warmth of this cookie goodness. Each is topped with swirls of creamy, moonshine frosting infused with a bounty of fall flavors. You don’t have to be a “RICH GIRL” or a “MANEATER” to share this cookie with whoever’s “KISS IS ON YOUR LIST”… Whether you are looking for the perfect treat for tailgating, group gathering or maybe you just want to snuggle up with a unique cookie on a lazy fall afternoon…We make the “FALL AND OATS” cookie for all occasions. Try one soon because just like the beautiful fall foliage, they will not be around forever, but are available now on our delicious fall menu.

NUTRITION FACTS: 315.7 cal | 14.6g F | 43g C | 6g P


Dolly Doodle


Cinnamon | Sugar | Real Butter


Finally, we are ready to launch our doubly delicious version of the Snickerdoodle classic, THE DOLLY DOODLE!! With this cookie we are honoring the savvy, sexy, sassy, classy, multi-talented and witty DOLLY ,“Queen of the East TN Mountains”! Our new taste sensation blends rugged oats with mounds of creamy butter, glittering notes of sugar and enough cinnamon spice to make “Jolene” forget about taking anyone’s MAN!! No need to wear your “Coat of Many Colors” or drive your “White Limozeen” to get a taste of this new chart topper. With your first bite we are sure you will instantly say “I Will Always Love You”…

NUTRITION FACTS: 244.9 cal | 9.7g F | 36.6g C | 3.9g P



Limited Time Only

Reba McEnberry


White Chocolate Macadamia Nut | Real Raspberries | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend


This Queen of a Cookie is so amazing that it might make “the lights go out in Georgia”. A buttery blend of flour & oats surrounds chunks of macadamia nuts and sweet white chocolate with a bold twist of real raspberries sprinkled throughout. Your “heart won’t lie” when you sink your teeth into this “fancy” favorite! This cookie is going platnium!


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Caramel by the Sea


Caramel Bits | Chocolate Coated Toffee | Sea Salt Sprinkles | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend


“Wow” is about all you will be able to say as your taste buds dance in delight after just one bite! This show stopping cookie was recently declared The Best Cookie in the State of TN by Waves of gooey caramel crash into bits of chocolate toffee brickle to create this decadent delight. Butterscotch Moonshine and drifts of coarse sea salt glaze this unique flavor sensation. Snag one of these…you’ll be hooked.


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Christmas Magic


Cran-Orange Walnut | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend


Who can forget the mouth-watering aroma coming from Mom & Granny’s kitchen when holiday baking began? We think back to this simpler time as we introduce our flavor packed “Christmas Magic” cookies. Cranberries and Walnuts dance closely together while zesty Orange & buttery White Chocolate harmonize in this yuletide treat. Try some today for yourself, or to share with friends & family. Your are sure to say “Wow! This is what a Christmas treat should taste like.” Everyone needs a little “Christmas Magic” in their lives…


Nutrition Facts



Raisin Cane


Plumped Raisins | Milk Chocolate | Pinch of Cinnamon | Real Butter


We've added our twist to this classic cookie! We start with a healthy heap-in of rolled oats, blend in some creamy smooth milk chocolate, add just a pinch of cinnamon, and top it off with an infusion of "plumped" raisins. We "heard it through the grapevine" that Grandma danced a jig when she took her first bite. We're sure it will make you want to raise some cane, too!


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Cherry Seinfeld


Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Real Butter

Giddy Up!! Grab the gang and let them know there’s a new SEINFELD in town…No, not THAT one…We are excited to introduce our new CHERRY SEINFELD cookie delight. Luscious, bing cherries are plumped with pure Cherry Moonshine to insure no “shrinkage”. We then add chunks of rich Dark Chocolate and creamy Milk Chocolate that team up for a flavor burst that will never have you craving another chocolate- covered cherry cordial, ever…”Not that there’s anything wrong with it”…This hearty, and decadent, cherry-chocolate goodness is then glazed with a unique cherry moonshine confection that is “worthy” for all. Yada, Yada…We could go on and on about this cookie, but we will leave that to you…The new CHERRY SEINFELD is now available, and is sure to be a “master of its domain”…Try one today!!

NUTRITION FACTS: 280.9 cal | 10.5g F | 43.5g C | 3.2g P


Mint Jagger


Mint Chocolate | Toffee | Real Butter


We know that “YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT”, but with our new MINT JAGGER cookie sensation, you can get a cookie that is sure to make your lips smack, your mouth water and keep your tongue wagging…

Our decadent “MINT JAGGER” hits the stage with refreshing, “ROLLING STONES” of Andes mints paired with velvety milk chocolate, jagged bits of toffee crunch, and “BROWN SUGAR”. For your ultimate “SATISFACTION” we top it with a unique peppermint moonshine glaze.


You don’t have to be a “Honky Tonk Woman”, or need an “Emotional Rescue” to go wild, and scream with delight when this headliner hits your taste buds.


For now, “TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE”, but this cookie will exit the stage after a spring engagement, so treat yourself soon, and place it at the top of your gifting needs…

NUTRITION FACTS: 275.7 cal | 13.6g F | 43g C | 3g P


Berry White


Creamy White Chocolate | Real Strawberries | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend

Real Strawberries and White Chocolate find pure romance with a splash of Strawberry Moonshine in this one of a kind cookie combination! No need to buy fussy chocolate covered strawberries when you can get these flavors framed within our Berry White Cookie. Topped with a light glaze, this cookie is great for romantic occasions, or any day…We know you “Can’t get enough of this Cookie, BABE”…


Nutrition Facts


Rocky Top


Creamy Milk Chocolate | Semi-Sweet Morsels | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend


Also available in Gluten Free!

Just a couple of mountains over from our kitchen is good ole Rocky Top. Our version of Rocky Top calls for a creamy, rich chocolate base with a hearty blend of milk chocolate, combined with the wholesome goodness of golden rolled oats. This combination truly creates a ROCKY TOP sensation. You have to try this cookie…it is sure to be the Pride of the Southland.


Nutrition Facts


Choco Khan


Quadruple Medley of Creamy Chocolates & Morsels | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend

Want us to “Tell you something good?…” We are excited to announce the release of our new quadruple chocolate cookie sensation, THE CHOCO KHAN!! It will take you back to the days of BIG hair, BIG heels and BIG cookie hits!
This chocoholics dream hits the stage with powerful notes of rich cocoa, and keeps rhythm with an array of milk, semi-sweet and dark chocolate morsels, chunks and shavings.

With your first bite of the new Choco Khan, you may just burst into your own rendition of “I’m EVERY woman”…or MAN!!

The CHOCO KHAN is available immediately for a summer full of sold out performances at our delicious bakery. Don’t delay, grab your DISCO shoes and get ready to get “funky”…
‘Ain’t Nobody” got any better cookies than Moonshine Mountain!!


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Sugar Shine


Creamy White Chocolate | Sugar Sprinkles | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend

This doughy flavor sensation is chocked full of white chocolate, pure cane sugar, ooey-gooey butter, and topped with a splash of genuine TN Moonshine and a Confetti of sugar sprinkles.

Our fun gourmet twist on an old favorite even has Granny and Pawpaw’s overwhelming approval.

Grab your “Sweet Caroline” or your “Sugar Britches” and head on over to our store or online to get a tantalizing treat that will take you back to your childhood.

The “SUGAR SHINE” has been such a hit we have put it on our menu full time. Try some today and see what all the BUZZ is about…


Nutrition Facts


Nutty Butty Holly


Creamy Milk Chocolate | Reeses Peanut Butter Cup | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend


Also available in Gluten Free!

“Oh Boy”, Peanut Butter & Chocolate lovers everywhere are rejoicing & singing the praises of this cookie! Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are ROCKED & ROLLED with heart-healthy whole oats, real butter and swirls of creamy chocolate. The perfect balance of peanut butter & chocolate flavor with a soft chewy texture that will delight all, especially “Peggy Sue”. You will soon be saying Bye, Bye Miss American Pie, and Hello to the rich, hearty goodness of the NUTTY BUTTY HOLLY. This one is a chart topper!


Nutrition Facts


Happy Pappy


Creamy White Chocolate | Real Chunks of Apples | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend

Why should Pappy have all the fun? This original cookie pairs genuine Apple Pie Moonshine with rugged oats and the sweet smoothness of white chocolate. It is tamed only by the savory aroma of real apples and a perfect blend of spices. Topped with a light glaze, this cookie is sure to make everyone a Happy Pappy…except for Granny…she doesn’t like it when a cookie upstages her pie!


Nutrition Facts


John Lemon


Creamy White Chocolate | Real Whole Blueberries | Zesty Lemon Flavor | Real Butter | Oat & Flour Blend

Zesty lemon harmonizes with soft notes of blueberries to create this instant hit. Topped with a light citrus glaze, it is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and anytime in-between. Try it today! It is better than you could possibly IMAGINE.


Nutrition Facts


M&M Cookie


M&M Chocolate Candies | Real Butter

Our Legendary M&M Cookie returns for a limited time! We take our famous creamy chocolate chip cookie and combine the color & crunch of M&M Candies. Now that’s a Winning Combination!


Nutrition Facts


Rocky Top with M&Ms®


M&M® Candy Pieces | Creamy Milk Chocolate | Semi-Sweet Morsels | Real Butter

Sometimes something simple and classic is in order. It doesn't get much more classic than M&M's®!

Our signature chocolate chip base gets the candy treatment that you can't miss!

NUTRITION FACTS: 252.8 cal | 9.99 g F | 38.5g C | 3.4g P


Peachie Wonder


Real Peaches | White Chocolate | Real Butter


From Motown to K-town, no need to have any “SUPERSTITION”, we have a new cookie wonder ready to hit the stage.


Our new “Peachie Wonder”is a soulful blend of luscious peaches harmonizing with silky white chocolate and healthy natural oats. To top off this cookie sensation, we drizzle a decadent peach moonshine crème glaze.

One bite and you may be “Calling just to say you love it!” It may even be the new “Sunshine of your Life!”

The Peachie Wonder is now on our summer menu, but will have a limited engagement. Order some today so they can be “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and YOURS!”

NUTRITION FACTS: 245 cal | 8.7g F | 39.4g C | 4.6g P